Improve Work Performance Outside Work

You can improve work performance and have fun doing it.

Improve work performance by relaxing. Image.

You can improve work performance. (And it could be this easy.) [flickr. anieto2k/ Creative Commons]

Employers want their employees to always do their best work, but what workers do outside of the workplace may have just as much of an influence on productivity as what workers do inside of the workplace. That’s from the employers point of view. As an employee, you want to do quality work and get noticed for it, too.

You also want to keep yourself motivated and not fall victim to overwhelming stress and boredom. What’s an easy way to make the whole work experience better and improve work performance at the same time? There are two simple things you can do to make your time spent working better and more productive. They’re even fun.

Improve work performance (and your mindset) by:

  1. Finding yourself a hobby.
  2. Taking a much-needed (mental) break.

Yes, it’s true. Spending your off-time practicing your favorite hobby can improve your work performance. The same can be said of taking time to refuel your mind and not think about work.

Get creative and work better.

Research shows that time spent doing something creative makes for a better worker.

Creative activity seems to help workers recover faster from work-related stress and depletion, even as it fosters skills and attitudes coveted by employers.–Tom Jacobs via Pacific Standard

If your job is causing you stress while you’re there working, then dwelling on it outside of the job can only increase your stress levels. That leads to never-ending stress, which never helped anyone.

An easy way to break that cycle of stress is to find yourself a hobby outside of work–the more creativity involved, the better. Try taking up drawing, painting, writing, woodworking, cooking or anything that gets your creative mojo flowing. It’ll help to counteract stress.

Give yourself some time off.

Having your own hobbies gives you time to do some creative thinking. It also gives you some much-needed downtime. Thinking about work 24/7 isn’t necessarily a recipe to be a better worker. You might get more done short-term, but putting down the pen and closing the work email might give you the mindset you need to improve in the long-term.

What’s the big deal about taking some time to give your brain a vacation?

It can give you a sense of control, of purpose, it can shake up your perception of time, offer the space to expand cultural horizons and allow the kind of relaxed break everyone needs to refuel.–Susan Adams via Forbes

Well, that definitely seems beneficial. Basically, giving your brain a vacation from work can refresh your perspective. It can get you out of the same old style of thinking and bring on something new. This leads to (you guessed it) a way to improve work performance and feel a whole lot better doing it.

Where else can you apply these tips?

The research was geared towards the typical employer/employee relationship, but that’s not the only place where it can be useful. Letting work of any kind completely take over your life can have disastrous consequences, so be sure to evaluate your work-life balance.

So, take some time and de-stress.


[Featured image via flickr. anieto2k/ Creative Commons]


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