How To Fight Through Information Overload

Stop. Don’t panic. You Can Fight Through Information Overload.

We’ve all been there. You think about starting something new. You research about it…and research about it…and research about it.

Pretty soon you are swimming in a sea of information with land nowhere in sight. What do you do? Well, you just–do it.

The Wave Of Information Overload. Image.

Don’t get swept away from all the information. [flickr. Mark Smiciklas/ Creative Commons]

Just do it.

Nike was on to something with their tagline.

Do something. Planning is good, being prepared is great. Believe me, I’m a chronic over-preparer.

When you start working and researching on plan E, however, you might be venturing out a bit too far into the ocean of what-ifs. And falling victim to information overload.

The best way to learn is through experience.

This is true in life, of course, but also in blogging.

Theory is great in moderation.

That’s basically what all the research and information you’re soaking in is–theory. But all theory and no practice makes blogging quite dull. Plus, there is just so much that a sponge can absorb before it becomes over saturated.

It takes a bit of guts to dive into anything. To break away from the theory you need to be a fearless blogger.

“The trick is not to look for all the answers before you’ve even come to the problem. You’ve got to get moving, because if you stand still too long it’s easy to fall victim to Analysis Paralysis.” –Alexandra Cannon via Be A Freelance Blogger

Don’t fall victim to non-action.

Analysis Paralysis and Information Overload go hand in hand. Both have the same result–non-action. Don’t get caught up in researching and diagnosing and what-if-ing.

You can fight through them. It’s not so hard. You’re fearless, right? Just slow down for a bit and think about why you wanted to be a blogger in the first place.

You blog to write.

Learning and researching are good. They are a necessary part of blogging, but they can’t take up all of your time.

Remember that really cliche phrase your parents might have used after you complained about going to baseball practice or wanted to give up the piano because you thought you were no good?

That’s right. Practice makes perfect.

Cliche? Yes. Good advice? Also yes.

You might get some helpful hints, but to really improve your blogging skills you need to get out there and practice. That way you can learn your own strengths and weaknesses and in what specific areas you might need to do a tiny bit of research. Don’t let the sea of information hold you back.

How do you fight Information Overload?

[Featured image via flickr. Mark Smiciklas/ Creative Commons]

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