Find Pictures For Your Blog–The Legal Way

Illustrate your blog with free photos.

It’s obvious that the written content of your blog is important. As bloggers, we spend hours coming up with the perfect words to illustrate our thoughts and ideas. Only focusing on the words, however, leaves out an important part of blogging.

As much as you want your readers to be hooked by your killer content, there is another aspect that determines whether they stay or click away.

Star War's LEGO camera find pictures for your blog. Image.

No, not Star War’s LEGOS. But you’re close. [flickr. kalexanderson/ Creative Commons]


And illustrations. And diagrams. Not only are they fun to look at, they break up your blocks and blocks of straight text. They make your text look good online.

But how do you find pictures for your blog (especially if you’re on a limited budget)?

Not everyone is a wonderful photographer. You don’t have to be. You also don’t have to pay for a lot of expensive stock images. There are quite a few places around the web to find free pictures for your blog.

Caution: Copyright Infringement Ahead

Just like at the grocery store, you really shouldn’t take things that you haven’t paid for. Pictures are the same way. Just copying and pasting a picture you found on Google Images is probably violating some copyright law.

But copyright laws shouldn’t put you off. You can still find pictures for your blog–and use them completely legally.

Find pictures for your blog here.


If you haven’t heard about flickr before, here’s a brief overview of its history:

Launched in 2004 and later acquired by Yahoo, Flickr is an image and video hosting website that allows users to post, share, and comment on each other’s content.–Case Study on Flickr features millions of images all compiled by its users. Not only is it a great place to find pictures for you blog, it’s also a great place for photographers to get their work out for the world to see.

Go to the Advanced Search page to search images that your can legally copy and use on your blog. Simply type in what you’re looking for and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then check the option “only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.”

Click enter, and you’ll find pictures for your blog that you can use legally and for free. Make sure to give the photographers proper attribution when you use them, of course.

Site Address:

WikiMedia Commons

I’ve heard of (and used) Wikipedia for some time now, but WikiMedia Commons is new to me. I wish I would have heard of it earlier.

Like Flickr, WikiMedia Commons’ images feature pictures taken by users, and anyone can upload their own. The site is a bit more difficult to use to find pictures for your blog than, say, flickr. But it’s always nice to have multiple places to look in case nothing strikes your fancy somewhere else.

Site Address:

Creative Commons

Creative Commons can be your photo-finding headquarters. It allows you to search for photos from Google, Flickr and more all from one, convenient page. Head over to their search page and see all pictures you can (legally!) use for your blog.

Bonus: this site also has links for you to search for other types of media, music and videos.

Site Address:

Go out there and find pictures for your blog! Just try not to get too distracted by all the lovely images out there.

[Featured image via flickr. kalexanderson/ Creative Commons]

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