Confidence–The One Thing You Can’t Blog Without

There are certain things that you think you need when you sit down to start blogging. A large network, millions of contacts and the best theme are all helpful, but without this one thing you may not get very far.

What is it? Let’s take a look at this quote by a famous author.

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” –Mark Twain

Well, technically that’s two things you need, but assuming that everyone has a bit of ignorance, it’s important to focus on the confidence.

Blog with confidence.

Rapelling Down A Cliff Takes Confidence. Image.

Even though it might seem like it at first, blogging isn’t as difficult as rappelling from a very steep cliff. [flickr. l@mie/ Creative Commons]

It’s easier said than done, especially for new bloggers. Believe me, I know.

How do you get a confidence boost to begin blogging and then push through those tough blogging times?

Reapply confidence from other areas of your life.

One of the methods I’ve come across (and has worked wonders for me and can for you too) is to think of some other area in your life that you are confident in.

Then take that assurance and reapply it to blogging.

For example, if you can bake an out-of-this-world cheesecake, you can definitely blog. If you can teach a toddler how to tie his shows, you can definitely blog. If you can build a birdhouse, you can definitely blog. If you can rappel from a steep cliff, you can definitely blog. See a trend?

It doesn’t take years and years of blogging practice to be able to blog efficiently and effectively. It takes a good dose of confidence in your abilities.

But, what if I fail? Fight through your fear of failure.

Fear of failure is one of the many reasons why many people, even good writers, don’t ever start their blogging journey. Here’s one blogger’s advice on how to let go of the fear of failure.

“You have to face your fear. Because it is only then that you discover the thing that billions of people throughout history have discovered before you. Failure won’t kill you. Nor will being wrong. The sky will not fall down. That’s just what people that haven’t faced their fear yet think.” –Henrik Edberg via The Positivity Blog

Sometimes, it helps to understand that other people have done this before you, and they are perfectly okay. I’ve gained so much confidence in my writing ability through blogging, and you can, too. Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Sometimes it is just pushing you in a different direction.

Fear moves out, confidence moves in.

What does this have to do with confidence? If you kick the fear out, then confidence has room to move on in. So, be a fearless blogger, and you’ll realize how blogging can be fun and a big confidence boost in its own right.

Go on, put that new-found confidence to use and blog away.

[Featured image via flickr. l@mie/ Creative Commons]

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