Banish Blogging Doubts

As a new blogger, the reasons not to start a blog are still fresh in my mind. Like many of you out there I thought about starting a blog for some time (almost a year, in fact).

However, whenever I got close to starting one, to signing up for that almighty blog account, I couldn’t pull the trigger (or type my email, username and password as it may be).

The blogging doubts were numerous.

  1. I couldn’t think of a good, solid topic around which to center my blog.
  2. I didn’t know which platform to use.
  3. I didn’t know if anyone would read it.
  4. I didn’t know if it would benefit me in any way.
  5. There was always something “more important” to do.
  6. I didn’t have the confidence.

Any of those sound familiar?

If they do, then there’s at least two of us out there. But, I’ve been able to overcome all of these blogging doubts, and I’m sure that you can as well.

Let’s dispel that list of doubts and see why each shouldn’t hold you back from your blogging dream.

Blogging Doubts Are A Cloud You Can Remove. Image.

Only you set your own blogging ceiling. The sky really is the limit, not any self-imposed cloud. [“King Cloud” via flickr. Karen Ka Ying Wong/ Creative Commons]

1. Your blog is flexible.

You aren’t signing anything away when you pick a topic to write about. Pick a flexible domain name and blog title, and your blog can go where ever you want to take it.

Your blog can grow and change as you do, and that’s one of the aspects that makes blogging so dynamic.

2. If in doubt, choose WordPress.

There are many blogging platforms out there. From what I’ve read while doing my research (and I’ve read quite a lot while hemming and hawing over the platform to choose for my own blog) it usually all comes back to WordPress. Millions of websites run on it, and millions of websites can’t be (completely) wrong.

The decision I found the most difficult was between and The choice between those two is basically up to your own personal preference.

If this is your first venture ever into blogging, trying out the idea on a free blog isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it’s what I did to help banish away my blogging doubts and get the hang of how the whole thing worked.

3. If you produce quality content, they will come.

Don’t get me wrong, your blog may start out slow, but don’t let this scare you away from blogging. Pretty much every blog (and business for that matter) started out right where you are today. The only difference is that they took the next step. And you can do it too.

While content is definitely king, just ask Bill Gates, some basic SEO (that’s search engine optimization) skills can go a long way to helping search engines like Google index your blog. And if Google likes it, then your blog will be easier to find.

4. If nothing else, it’s a good line on your resume.

Blogging, like anything else in life, is a learning experience. There will be something good that comes out of it.

Be it what you expected or not.

Keep Wring To Banish Those Blogging Doubts. Image.

Write. Write, Write. The practice can only help. [flickr. Keith Williamson/ Creative Commons]

Even if your blog doesn’t take off, you’re sure to improve your writing skills. Plus, many companies are realizing the power of the digital world, and if you’ve got some online writing experience under your belt, it can only benefit you.

Just make sure you take the time to produce quality pieces for your blog. Your future employers will look, and you should want them to. So, show off your epic writing skills.

5.Your future (and happiness) are the most important.

There are definitely things in life that are more important than starting a blog. Your health would probably be one. Reorganizing the kitchen cabinets probably isn’t. Don’t let the unimportant lead to blogging doubts.

Don’t let the non essentials stand between you and blogging. Not everyone is a blogger, but you won’t know if you are or not unless you give it a whirl.

6. Anyone can blog, really.

No need to be shy. The blogging world brings together veterans and rookies, and that’s what’s so great about it. Don’t let it lead to more blogging doubts. Everyone is learning from everyone else.

Just starting a blog can give you the needed confidence boost to keep going. Be sure to keep in mind that your opinions are just as valid as everyone else’s. As you blog more, you’ll gain more credibility in your topic area.

So, really, what’s holding you back?

[Featured image “King Cloud” via flickr. Karen Ka Ying Wong/ Creative Commons]

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