Anyone Can Blog–Just Ask This Girl

Since this is my first real post on my first real blog–I already started one, but more on that later–I thought I’d take some time out to introduce myself (and my blog, too) to show you how just about anyone can get into blogging.

Anyone can blog, really. Here’s a bit about me and the blog.

The Basics.

For starters, my name is Amanda, and I am a writer. No, a poet. No, a blogger. Well, I consider myself all three I suppose. Basically, I enjoy writing just about anything.

You would think this would making blogging an obvious choice.

Surprising as it may seem, I hadn’t read, let alone written, a blog post until about a year ago.

If you can believe it, I subscribed to my first blog because, as a lowly, young intern, my boss told me to.

(For all of the curious folks out there, the first blog I subscribed to was Copyblogger, and I can honestly say that Copyblogger taught me almost everything I know about copywriting. Pretty wild, right? Mayor props to them.)

Even then I didn’t think of myself as much of a blogger.

What did I think about blogging?

I thought blogging was difficult, and I thought I had nothing to blog about. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Everyone has something to blog about! And blogging isn’t quite as hard as you might think.

Just take what you love and go for it.

The Blog.

This is, well, technically, my second blog. But it’s my first real blog since I started one of those free blogs to get my balance in the blogosphere before I took off the training wheels and went for it.

Girl Goes Writing is my version of going for it. It’s where I’m sharing what I learn about blogging (because I’m 100% certain that I don’t know close to everything yet). It’s where I’m sharing what I know about writing (because I do know a bit about that).

So, go ahead, scroll through some posts, leave a few comments and subscribe to receive updates from Girl Goes Writing. It’s gonna be fun.

Hello, World.

[Featured image via flickr. Takeshi Kawai/ Creative Commons]

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